Global Restaurant Investment Forum

25-27 February 2019 – NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam


25-27 February 2019 – Amsterdam

Speaker Profile

Aku Patel

Managing Director, Paperchase Accountancy Ltd

Aku Patel is the co-founder of Paperchase Accountancy, a firm that specialises in accounting solutions for the restaurant industry. An Indian of Kenyan decent, he sees the numbers to mean more than just profit or loss for a business.
Having started off in 1989, Aku has been a part of the era that saw the growth of a well conscious restaurateur. Being a true visionary, he spotted the shift and started working towards being a key contributor in the industry metamorphosis. Using his experience from working with Deloitte’s, he set up a company that would provide more than just accountancy services.
Currently leading a staff of over 600, he provides complete accounting as well as operational solutions to some of the leading restaurants in the industry, in various cities internationally. His client portfolio comprises of The Fat Duck, Ledbury, Zuma, to name a few.
Aku has worked passionately to show his clients that numbers can help spot problems in the business that normally would be difficult to understand. He has worked on creating templates that are easy to read and follow and help direct the effort to the areas of the business that require it the most, eventually resulting in profitable ventures.
Adapting to the fast paced environment and stiff competition in the industry, he helps monitor businesses closely and respond quickly to any changes in the environment, be it price changes for ingredients or changes in consumer spending habits.
He wishes to continue reinventing the accounting world of the restaurant industry with his ability to stay client focused and provide profitable business solutions.